Company History

Susanna┬┤s International Kindergarden GmbH was founded in 2009, it evolved out of the "Kinderkrippe EVA"  which had been established in 2003.  The goal of the Owner Operator Team, made up of Susanna Diederich and Daniel Diederich, is to provide the children entrusted to them with welcoming and inspiring environments in which they can grow and learn. All our groups are lead by professionally competent and well qualified teachers who are supported by well trained personnel. The support staff is made up of Student-Teachers who all have at least three year contracts and student interns who only receive six to twelve month contracts, which are only extended if they earn a student teaching position. The staff is focused on providing children with a safe, secure, and loving environment to foster their healthy social and educational development.  Our company is subject to standards and quality checks set by the Educational Department and the Food Safety Inspectors of Basel-Stadt.