SIK Values and Goals

Our main objective is to foster and encourage the development of each child’s individual personality.  We celebrate each child’s individuality and believe they are all unique and special.

We strive to create a supportive, safe, and comfortable environment in which the children can easily interact with one another and feel confident in expressing themselves.  By teaching them rules about safety and boundaries the children become active participants in ensuring the maintenance of this environment.

Children learn a lot through play, so we create a variety of group situations and activities in which this is possible.  At times the children will be in mixed age and ability level groups where they have the opportunity to both learn and teach.  For other activities grouping the children with similar ability levels creates a more homogeneous learning environment, both arrangements are beneficial and valued by our educational leaders.  Children are actively learning through each new experience, we make sure to provide a variety of activities, such as; role play, singing, dancing, board or card games, athletic activities, reading, and arts & crafts.  Through these experience children can feel secure in exploring and expressing a full range of emotions.

A central focus for our program is to respect individuality, diversity, and to demonstrate an acceptance for other lifestyles and beliefs.  To achieve these aims we establish basic rules which everyone should follow.  It is important that the educational staff, trainees, families, and children internalize these rules.  Leading by example and without coercion creates healthy boundaries in which children feel safe and can develop healthy habits and are exposed to a well rounded world view.