Children three months to three years are cared for in our nursery or “play groups.”  The environment is created especially to suite each age group.  The groups are lead by well qualified German or English teachers.

Daily routines are created to suit age abilities.  For the youngest children the daily plans are highly customizable and as the children become older more structure is introduced.  It is very important to the staff that the children have time for outdoor activities as often as possible and we strive to incorporate fresh air and exercise in to each day.  All the groups organize the day around music, games, and fitness.  The smallest children enjoy baby massage, the stimulation of the group environment and age appropriate learning toys.  Toddlers and older children are encouraged incorporate creativity into learning activities.  The rooms are spacious, bright, and always geared toward age appropriate activities.  The teaching team creates monthly and annual plans which are always readily available to parents.

Introducing a new child into a group is done on an individual basis and in conjuction with parents consultation.